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League of Women Voters Estes Park & Community Recycling Committee

Address for Donations by Check: 
LWV-EP PO Box 564 Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

The League of Women Voters encourages informed and active participation in government. It is a non-partisan organization open to all citizens of voting age, both men and women.

The Community Recycling Committee of the League is a grassroots organization committed to improving the recycling opportunities for residents, businesses, and guests in the Estes Valley through improved infrastructure and education.


Estes Park's League of Women Voters Education Fund supports our voter education activities including voter registration drives, candidate and issue forums, and the publication of statewide ballot issue pamphlets, voting information, and other educational materials. These non-partisan activities promote informed, respectful discussion and decision-making. By offering voter guides and hosting issues forums (which are streamed live on local television and available for on-demand viewing later), citizens can learn about all sides of current issues and base their voting decisions on accurate information.

The Community Recycling Committee (CRC) is dedicated to improving recycling opportunities through energetic outreach and improving recycling infrastructure (e.g., recycling center improvements and new bins). A few examples of the committee's work include partnering with the Town of Estes Park to install 27 new bear-resistant trash and recycling bins last year; providing current info on recycling through, PSAs, printed recycling guides and information displays; sponsoring free cycle and Terracycle programs; and supporting Estes Park Middle School students by donating recycling bins required for a student initiative to eliminate disposable utensils in the lunch room, and more.

Goals & Outcomes: 

With so many critical issues and decisions facing the Estes Park community, particularly after the flood, the participation in government by informed citizens is more important than ever. The LWVEP's Voter Services committee will continue to help voters to register and ensure voters have access to the facts about candidates and issues.

In 2007, the rate of recycling in the Estes Valley was estimated at between 8 and 12 percent, significantly less than the national average. Due to efforts of the town, local disposal companies, and the work of the Community Recycling Committee, that rate has increased significantly now in 2014. Our goal is to make recycling a way of life. The LWVEP is committed to improving the recycling opportunities for residents and businesses in the Estes Valley, including a safe, clean recycling area at our community waste transfer station.


"I am so happy to hear that not only is the public recycling program back on track, but also poised for growth. With all that has happened in the past six months [flood], I consider that a small miracle -- and one to be celebrated, no doubt!"

—Eric Heyboer, CDPHE Recycling Grant Program Administrator

"The LWVEP provides an invaluable service to our community through its voter education activities! Estes Park voters can attend the league's public forums where they can meet the candidates, ask questions, and learn both the pros and cons of issues on the ballot. The more informed our citizens are, the better the decisions that come out of the ballot box that guide our future."

—Estes Park Mayor Bill Pinkham

"Bravo, to the Town Board of Estes Park, the Public Works Department and the League of Women Voters for working toward getting bear-resistant recycling and trash containers installed in parts of the Town. The Town residents and guests will benefit from these safer, improved wildlife-resistant containers. The new containers are evidence that Estes cares about protecting wildlife, the environment and the safety of our community."

—B. Sellers, Estes Park