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Healing Waters Foundation, Inc.

Address for Donations by Check: 
1632-B Big Thompson Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517
970 586-9205
Mission Statement: 

It is the mission of the Healing Waters Foundation to promote the rehabilitation of people to their maximum functional level of independence. The work is to be undertaken in a spirit of congeniality, encouragement, and respect between patient and health provider, between co-workers, and between different facilities using the pool.


Healing Waters Foundation is a warm water exercise pool available to the public as well as to therapy clients and their providers (physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.).

The private pool is equipped with an underwater treadmill, adjustable resistance jets to swim or walk against and massage jets. An underwater camera system with a TV allows an individual the ability to observe the movement of his or her legs while using the treadmill. We also have a variety of additional equipment including weights and flotation devices which can provide additional resistance or assist in maintaining upright posture. There is even a great selection of music to accompany your workout whether high energy or relaxing. Pool entry is via the stairs or a chair lift. The entire facility is handicap accessible.

We have had people lose weight, walk in the water when they could not walk on land (one gentleman crawled on his knees to slip in the water to walk after breaking both of his legs and his back!). People have recovered from hip, knee and shoulder replacements, rotator cuff injuries and severe back pain. We have had pregnant women use the pool due to bad back pain pre-delivery and because our water is warm enough return to the pool after delivery for baby's first swim! People use the pool for conditioning, relaxation and exercise when the weather outside does not allow them to be out in it. Because our water depth can be adjusted even children with disabilities are able to use the treadmill.

In 1928 when F. D. Roosevelt contracted polio he used the healing waters in Warm Springs, GA to increase his recovery. Estes Park has its' own "magical warm springs" in Healing Waters Foundation. It is Estes park's best kept secret!

Goals & Outcomes: 

Your donation to Healing Waters Foundation will be used to provide pool access to one or more individuals. Our facility is often used for continuing therapy when physical therapy is completed. Many people cannot afford even our modest fee but need the ongoing therapeutic benefit. There are also people who benefit from warm water exercise for weight loss, conditioning or injury rehab during their sport's "off" season.

For every $120.00 donated we can provide a 10 session pool pass to a person in need. (The cost to that person is then only $20.00 for ten half hour pool sessions.) As little as $15.00 (1/2 hour) or $30.00 (1 hour) provides a person in need the opportunity to experience a comfortable exercise session or time to fully relax and massage sore or damaged muscles.


"I am currently recovering from major back surgery. Basically, I am learning to walk all over again. My long road to recovery – and dancing – has been helped immensely by the Healing Waters’ pool."

"Healing Waters frees me from pain that I experience all the rest of my waking hours.I always have a renewed sense of life and hope after each session at Healing Waters. Now, in the water, I enjoy running again!"

"Due to arthritis I have not been able to do much exercise on land. Once I started to exercise at Healing Waters I was able to lose over 60 pounds and do it without knee pain!"