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Harmony Foundation

Address for Donations by Check: 
1600 Fish Hatchery Road Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

Harmony Foundation's Mission is to Provide the Foundation for Sustained Recovery from the Diseases of Alcohol and Drug Addiction.


Our program goals are to provide the foundation for sustained recovery from the diseases of alcohol and drug addiction for as many people as reasonably possible in a peaceful, beautiful, confidential, and respectful environment.

Harmony's programs/services include a 30 day, gender separate, residential treatment for alcohol and drug addicted adults 18 and older.

  • Young adult program for ages 18 to 23
  • ReCommittment to Recovery Program
  • Family Program, 24/7 Nursing Care
  • Medically Managed Detox
  • Lifetime Aftercare Free to clients and family members

Harmony uses the time-tested and evidence-based bio-psycho-social 12-step treatment model that addresses the client's body, mind, and spirit.

Goals & Outcomes: 

Harmony is one of the most reasonably priced treatment centers in the country.

Individuals with alcohol and drug addiction issues often lose nearly everything due to their disease. To get them the care they need, financial assistance is often necessary.

It costs about $24,500 (including room and board) to treat someone for 30 days in our residential facility. Even with our assistance in getting insurance reimbursements, the cost can be prohibitive.

Please help us provide scholarships so that as many addicts and alcoholics as possible can reclaim a productive life. Your generous donation truly helps save lives and put families back together again.


"THANK YOU for giving him (our son) the tools and positive start he needed to get where he is today. There is no doubt he would not be where he is today without the care, support, education and confidence your staff under-girded him with 11 months ago! We are truly grateful as a family. THANKS for the good work you do!"

"Because of you all at Harmony I am celebrating 16 years of sobriety today! I walked in the doors at Harmony on Christmas Day 16 years ago drunk and broken and today I am sober and ALIVE and giving back to the world and living life one day at a time, THANK YOU!!!!!"

"The family program was very well thought out. The Family Counselors are wonderful. They handled the group well and are well trained. Overall-very great program. You guys rock! Great facilities, food, etc. Keep it up."

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