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Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies

Address for Donations by Check: 
PO Box 1165 Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

Building on our tradition of excellence in providing opportunities to experience performing and visual arts through participation, education and outreach.


The Fine Arts Guild provides the opportunity for community members, from 3rd grade on, to participate in locally produced theatrical productions both as actors and as behind the scenes technicians; periodically provides classes in acting techniques, including improv, and in technical theater skills; and for the last four years has had an informal partnership with the Park R-3 School District to provide a program for students which relates to curriculum and/or literacy. Those programs have included productions of The Diary of Anne Frank, The Miracle Worker, The Giver, and presentation by the Colorado Shakespeare Company Outreach Program of Much Ado About Nothing accompanied by workshops about bullying. The Guild also brings programs such as Rocky Mountain Brassworks, The Boulder Ballet, and Peter Davison's, Tossed and Found to Estes Park.

During the summer, the Guild holds a two week youth theater camp that has both production and technical theater components. Students from 3rd through 12th grade are actors, assistant directors, stage managers, light and sound technicians,and help build and paint sets. The camp culminates with two public performances.

Goals & Outcomes: 

Our goal is to raise $34,000 (rent, insurance, stage) to open a community facility that will allow youth (and adults) a venue for creative performance-based art.

Opportunities and space to explore and perform the arts in Estes Park are very limited. As it stands, activities for youth require a great deal of adult direction and structure. Our goal for a facility where youth directed (but supervised) activities (for example: open mic, dance, poetry and comedy nights, student one-acts and concerts) will cultivate the imagination and creativity in young people. Adults, too, will benefit from a facility where they can experiment with script writing, musical performance and improv. Adults and youth would also use the space for rehearsing traditional (directed) community theater.

In short, the funds would provide a space for creative growth and expression that does not now exist in Estes Park.


"What can I say about the Fine Arts Guild? I was a painfully shy, quiet, and insecure freshman in high school when I started doing the summer children’s theatre production in 2009. From then on, I changed into a confident and outgoing person, and I’ve never looked back. I was not only taught about theatre in the Fine Arts Guild productions, but also about discipline, flexibility, responsibility, communication, confidence, focus, team work, and organization. Participating in these productions turned an interest in theatre into a passion. I have not yet been a part of a theatre production that matched the Fine Arts Guild in excellence.

One of the great things about the Fine Arts Guild, is the myriad of shows put on—I have been blessed to participate in radio theatre, musicals, comedic plays, and serious dramas. Nothing is left out. And not only are the actors hard workers, but everyone else who comes together to work on the production puts in so much extra time to make sure that the show is really something else. And they have always come through. As I grew older, I was encouraged to participate in leadership roles in the summer as stage manager and assistant director. The Fine Arts Guild makes it not only easy to help out, but also fun. We have met and conquered so many challenges, and I know I can always count on the Fine Arts Guild to put out some great theatre."

—Stephanie Soliday, Sophomore

"Five years ago, my husband and I moved our four children to Estes Park. We knew no one. While orienting ourselves, we came across a local newspaper article about a children's theater camp. My eleven year old daughter was interested in acting, and I thought the camp might be a good way for her to meet people and find friends. Although very shy, my daughter auditioned and was cast in her first role in Charlotte’s Web. The director Deb Baldwin and her assistant Kathy Littlejohn were so welcoming and warm. Their smiles were contagious. Fortunately, we qualified for a scholarship which made the camp affordable.

Since that first show, three of my children have participated every summer in the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies' theater productions. They all have fond memories of the shows and of the individuals involved in putting on this wonderful camp.

It is a great joy as a parent to work with the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies and to benefit from the bonds it forms in our small town community. The camp and other Fine Arts Guild play productions have encouraged my children's creativity and built their confidence as they participated on stage and behind the scenes.

My husband and I admire the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies for their gift of time and dedication towards the youth (and adults) in our community. I am pleased to have been involved with this organization and with their members who have guided theater passion in our youth. The Fine Arts Guild fosters motivation, instills discipline, and expands horizons for all youth. We look forward to being involved in the years to come."

—Chris and Lonnie Erskine