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Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership

Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership

Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership
Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership
Address for Donations by Check: 
PO Box 1287 Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

EVRJP exists to reduce crime and disorder by applying the principles of Restorative Justice:

  • Repair of harm to victims, offenders and community
  • Reconciliation and repair of relationships
  • Reintegration into the community
  • Responsibility taken by all for their part in the incident
  • Restitution to victims
  • Respect given and received by all

Community Group Conferencing

A process that involves offender, victim and community that develops a contract to repair harm done by the offender.

Community Circles

A program aimed at parolees reentering our community to assist them with transitioning and encouraging them to become productive, law-abiding citizens.

Restorative Community Mediation

A process open to all citizens in the Estes Valley who desire to resolve conflict with other citizens. Divorce and Child custody cases are not accepted.

Student Support and Accountability Circles

A program aimed at high risk students to assist them in staying in school and staying out of the criminal justice system. Girls Circle A program designed to assist Middle and High School girls in develop healthy relationships with each other and increasing school connectivity. 

Goals & Outcomes: 

Our goal is to bring restorative practice into the Estes Valley to assist in improving the quality of life for our citizens.

The quality of life is impacted by assisting offenders in repairing harm they have done to victims and the community. We allow a platform for citizens to resolve conflicts with each other rather than involving the court system (criminal and civil). We attempt to assist our community in reintegrating parolees into our community through support and accountability. And we partner with our local school district to offer restorative programming to help prevent student involvement in the criminal justice system and to also assist them in staying in school.


“I have had the experience several times, to work "hands-on" with youth who are abusing drugs &/or alcohol. While serving as a volunteer with our RJ program. I have put this experience into action. I have joined a RJ youth and her mother at an AA meeting at the Harmony Treatment Facility here in Estes Park. The time spent was rewarding. The mother had several questions and became aware of the "reality" of bad choices, while, the youth was more quiet and still in denial. I have received "concerned" phone calls from the mother since this meeting. I still maintain that "hands-on" experiences continue to be of value to the growth and awareness of the entire family.”