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Estes Valley Land Trust

Estes Valley Land Trust

Estes Valley landscape
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Estes Valley landscape
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1191 Woodstock #5 Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Estes Valley Land Trust is to preserve and protect open space, valleys, wetlands, streams, ranch lands, and wildlife habitat in the Estes Valley and surrounding area. Lands adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest are of special concern.


Estes Valley Land Trust (EVLT) works with landowners to develop conservation agreements that are designed to permanently protect the natural scenic beauty and wildlife habitats of their properties. Each property that is protected by one of these agreements is regularly monitored to assure that the terms of the conservation easement are being upheld.

EVLT further seeks to support stewardship of the Estes Valley through educational programs and through activities such as flood restoration and re-vegetation programs.

Goals & Outcomes: 

Millions of people every year gaze across the Estes Valley and appreciate the raw beauty of this special place. The landscape in which we live is an invaluable, non-renewable resource. Our unique ecosystem is saturated with scenic beauty and is home to a diverse assortment of wildlife. The pressure from population growth and human development over the last quarter century has been relentless and is predicted to continue.

A healthy development plan for any community includes a network of scenic natural areas, riparian corridors, and wildlife habitats that are intermingled with zones of residential and commercial development.  This is particularly critical in an area such as the Estes Valley that is reliant on tourism as an economic base.  So far, nearly 10,000 acres have been conserved by landowners in partnership with EVLT in an area ranging from Drake/Glen Haven to Allenspark and Raymond. Through thoughtful stewardship, these protected acres must increase, and further steps must be taken to keep this beloved place beautiful. 

To accomplish this mission, EVLT's most pressing goals currently include:

  1. Increased funding to further support native plant re-vegetation throughout the Estes Valley and surrounding areas
  2. Increased annual membership to sustain the critical operations of the organization
  3. Increased stewardship reserve fund to support our perpetual obligations to conserved properties
  4. A land protection reserve fund to prepare for future conservation opportunities, with a special focus on river corridor properties, including several specific properties with extremely high conservation values

"As the owner of one of the largest properties in Estes Valley Land Trust, Meadowdale Ranch, it is a privilege to conserve the land as it has been for hundreds of years for everyone who lives in and visits Estes Park to enjoy. Animals like elk and deer use the ranch as their native habitat as well, which wouldn't be possible if this property had been developed and subdivided. We are proud to be part of the legacy of Estes Valley Land Trust and look forward to volunteering with this organization when we live in Estes Park again!"

—Candace S. Sulzbach, P.E., Teaching Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

"Having lived in Estes Park for more than 30 years, I've learned that protecting open spaces and view corridors is an obvious benefit to residents and visitors alike. No organization has done more to preserve and protect these spaces than Estes Valley Land Trust. Their good work and dedication to the land will live on far into the future for the enjoyment of generations to come. My hat's off. Thank you, Estes Valley Land Trust."

—James Frank of James Frank Photography, Inc.

"We're fortunate to live in this special place, not only because of the spectacular setting but also because of our proximity to the National Park. As population swells in Northern Colorado, the Estes Valley will face increasing challenges dealing with growth vs. sprawl. Fortunately, Estes Valley Land Trust has done an extraordinary job of helping to preserve and protect critical open space and wildlife habitat in the Estes Valley. The Town appreciates our continuing collaborative relationship with the Land Trust to be good stewards of our natural setting and ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy this special place."

—Bill Pinkham, Mayor of Estes Park

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