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Estes Park Music Festival

Estes Park Music Festival

Estes Park Music Festival concert photo
Estes Park Music Festival concert photo
Address for Donations by Check: 
P.O. Box 4290
Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Estes Park Music Festival is to make available affordable year-round musical programs of the highest quality to our own and surrounding communities.


We hold concerts three times in the summer and nearly every Sunday from November through April.

For the past 38 years we have brought the Colorado Music Festival Chamber Orchestra to Estes Park to perform at the Stanley Concert Hall. This outstanding professional orchestra is made up of musicians from major symphony orchestras around our country and abroad. This provides a unique opportunity for local residents to hear and enjoy classical music performed by some of this nation's finest professional musicians.

The winter concert series offers an opportunity to listen to a broad variety of smaller musical ensembles and solo performers both from within our State and across the nation. These professional and semi-professional musical artists come to perform in our wonderful historic Concert Hall to share their talents, often returning year-after-year to entertain, educate and delight our audience.

Goals & Outcomes: 

The availability of musical arts programs enriches the cultural life of any town or community, provides older and less mobile residents easier and less expensive local access to concerts, exposes students and children to musical genres other than popular (admission is free for students and children) and contributes to the appeal of the area to year-round residents, summer residents and tourists alike.

The Colorado Music Festival Chamber Orchestra has been the heart and soul of the Estes Park Music Festival since its inception in 1977 and our goal is to attract funds to continue that relationship.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 towards the costs of our concerts that cannot be recovered from ticket sales alone. Your contribution will not only help us achieve that goal, it will guarantee the future of classical music in our community by supporting some very talented young musicians.


"Thank you for a wonderful season full of beautiful and diverse music."

—Julie Walker Krohn

"The Music Festival offers the best affordable options for a variety of first class music in a beautiful venue at the Stanley Hotel. It is a real bonus to admit children and students free of charge."


"I think that the Estes Park Music Festival does an outstanding job of presenting a wide variety of programming for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the Estes community."

—Kathy Bowers

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