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Estes Park Medical Center Foundation

Estes Park Medical Center
Emergency medical care
Address for Donations by Check: 
555 Prospect Ave. PO Box 3650 Estes Park, CO 80517-3650
Mission Statement: 

The Estes Park Medical Center Foundation increases community awareness of Estes Park Medical Center and develops, manages and distributes funds to assist the Medical Center in fulfilling its mission “to make a positive difference in the health and wellbeing of all we serve.”

The Foundation’s mission is threefold:

  1. To serve as the fundraising arm of the Estes Park Medical Center, raising the funds necessary to enable the Medical Center to fulfill its mission of providing medical services to the people of the greater Estes Park community.
  2. To continually increase the size of the Foundation’s endowment.
  3. To increase community awareness of the Medical Center services and needs.

The Estes Park Medical Center is a critical access hospital providing area residents and visitors with:

  • 24-hour emergency medical service
  • 24-hour advanced life support ambulance service 
  • Medical/surgical services
  • Obstetrics
  • Home health and hospice services
  • Skilled nursing and rehabilitation

The Medical Center’s 294-square-mile service area is home to 11,000 residents, with a median age of 59, and hosts more than 3 million visitors each year. In addition, the Medical Center partners with Rocky Mountain National Park to respond to emergency situations.

With vital donor support, the Estes Park Medical Center received 95% patient satisfaction for patient care and achieved a cardiac arrest save rate that was twice the national average in 2013 (43% compared to just 17% of patients nationwide who experienced a return of spontaneous circulation following cardiac arrest).

Goals & Outcomes: 

As our communities move forward with the “new normal,” there are two obstacles that our Emergency Medical Services Department often faces when responding to emergencies:

  • Maneuvering through difficult terrain to access individuals
  • Transporting groups of injured or non-ambulatory patients


In some of the areas we serve, roads and bridges that were damaged during the flood won’t be repaired until at least 2016. To reach those patients in a timely manner we need a 4-wheel drive vehicle outfitted with emergency response equipment.

Group Transportation

Injuries and accidents don’t always involve just one or two people. In instances such as a family van or tour bus accident or lightning striking a group of hikers, an ambulance or two just isn’t enough. An AmbuBus conversion kit will enable us to safely transport up to 9 individuals on stretchers, along with medical staff and support equipment, in a school bus that was donated for that purpose.

Our goal is to raise $117,000 to purchase the 4-wheel drive vehicle and AmbuBus conversion kit.

Your donation toward this goal will help ensure all who need emergency care will receive it in a timely manner no matter the situation.

Thank you for helping meet the medical needs of all Estes Valley visitors and residents!


"Last fall, I had the extreme privilege of witnessing the EPMC team during the flood. Our small critical access hospital came together as a team to do exactly what a critical access hospital should. It never shut its doors, and it stepped in to fill all of the medical needs of the local community and visitors, from providing emergency care to ongoing primary and specialty care, to filling prescriptions when the local pharmacies were shut down. I have never had such a sense of pride in the medical profession and in our community as I did during those moments of crisis."

—Frank Dumont, MD, Estes Park Medical Center Chief of Staff

"The foundation has been integral to keeping our high level of care. Without support from the Foundation we would be the average small community hospital rather than a state-of-the-art facility where we can enjoy high-quality care in a friendly, local atmosphere."

—Lesta Johnson, RN, MSN, Director Clinic Nursing

"Throughout the years I've seen significant changes to the hospital's infrastructure and services provided. A lot of that could have never happened without the Foundation's help. Every day I am lucky to treat patients in such a great facility and the patients are lucky to have such a facility offering the very best in quality care."

—Chris Daley, MD, Emergency Department Physician