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Estes Institute

Students conduct water quality testing
Students conduct field research
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PO Box 4167 Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

The Estes Institute (EI) is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization that promotes conservation through collaborations, conferences and student programs. Together with some of the world’s best scientific minds and the brightest students, the Institute’s goal is for all members of society to learn about the environment and develop methods to live in a more sustainable world.


Our Conferences engage highly qualified professors, practitioners and researchers in outcome-based, scholarly workshops and conferences focused on strategic conservation issues that deepen knowledge and broaden perspectives.  Our Programming enlists young minds to develop strategies that promote conservation. That means engaging students and their teachers in real-world issues to learn a process for systematic inquiry. Through planning, acting, observing and reflecting, these young minds—from middle to graduate school—are charged as citizen scientists to develop conservation strategies.  Our strategy is to gather anyone who is passionate about conservation—from professors to field scientists, administrators, students and everyone in between—to develop common solutions that promote that effort.  Through our programming and conferences, we allow a wide range of ideas and perspectives from all over the world to come together toward a common goal: developing stewards of this earth to protect its precious resources.

Goals & Outcomes: 

We hope to raise $50,000 by 2016 to fund our next research project that will be taking place in Rocky Mountain National Park. 


"I love introducing our schools, teachers and students to the Estes Institute. They are the gateway to science in the Rocky Mountain National Park Region and do a wonderful job engaging the youth of our community and lighting the spark of curiosity so very important in creating tomorrow's scientist and naturalist."

Michael O'Toole - Science Coordinator - S. Vrain Valley Schools


"We had such a great full day in RMNP working on these citizen science projects and learning more about the ecology and history of RMNP.  Working with the Estes Institute was so helpful and informative as they were able to provide meaningful activities for the whole day and keep everyone involved and learning!!  We all felt like scientists in the Park!!"

Jessica Feld – Science Educator, CIRES Education Outreach – University of Colorado