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Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Inc.

Address for Donations by Check: 
851 Dry Gulch Road Estes Park, CO 80517
Mission Statement: 

Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Inc. exhibits Christian love by providing basic human services to residents in need in the Estes Valley.


Crossroads operates as a Christian service organization providing short term assistance to people in poverty circumstances, to include: low income clients, ongoing services to clients on low fixed incomes and encouraging self-sufficiency of clients through educational opportunities.

The organization provides food pantry services and emergency assistance with rent, housing, utilities, medical, transportation and other basic human needs. The self-sufficiency program focuses on money management and energy efficiency training for low income households. In addition to its normal programs, Crossroads has been instrumental in assisting residents with recovery from the 2013 flood. Crossroads is also a partner with other agencies in continued long-term recovery efforts.

The primary goals of programs at Crossroads are to alleviate a person’s immediate crisis situation through Crossroads’ services and referral to community services; stabilize a person’s living situation through Crossroads’ services and referred community services, and through money management and energy conservation training courses and one-on-one coaching, and to assist a person in reaching self-sufficiency and/or lessen the need for Crossroads’ services.

In a typical year, Crossroads’ goal is that a majority of clients will take more control of their financial situation within two months of becoming clients, through services received from Crossroads and referred community agencies. In the past few years, getting clients to a place of self-sufficiency has been more difficult due to the difficult seasonal economy.

Goals & Outcomes: 

In 2013, the still struggling economy was dealt a blow by the Colorado Flood. Jobs were, quite literally, washed away. In addition to continuing to provide regular services to our clients, at the request of the Town Government, Crossroads became designated to receive flood relief funds and to distribute them to flood impacted households in the Estes Valley. As of July 1, 2014, Crossroads received flood relief funds totaling $407,841 and has distributed $327,590.

We are currently campaigning to replenish our flood relief funds as the need is still so great. Crossroads Executive Director, Virgil Good, sums it up, “Things look better on the surface, but there are still many people who are struggling to reclaim their devastated lives and who need assistance.”

Your support will help us reach, not only flood victims, but other needy families in the Estes Valley. 83% of all revenue goes toward direct services for our clients. Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency in the clients we serve. This will mean that at least 60% of clients will take more control of their financial situation within two months of becoming clients, through direct services from Crossroads as well as referred community agencies.


“I want to thank Crossroads Ministry for your generous help for flood relief. You’re such a caring organization, and I hope one day to be able to help you in some way. Thank you again, and God bless!

—C.M., client

“Crossroads Ministry has been a godsend to the impoverished and those down on their luck. If you live in the region and have anything to spare please donate it to them!”

—Jason Wilder, Posted on Crossroads Facebook page

“Hats off to you, Crossroads for everything you do! Thank you. I am so grateful, bless you all."

—C.R., client