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Ballet Renaissance

Address for Donations by Check: 
PO Box 3768 Estes Park, CO 80517
970-480-7697 (CO); 313-469-0694 (MI)
Mission Statement: 

Ballet Renaissance is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to educating and inspiring youth and the community through the art of classical ballet.


Ballet Renaissance offers quality, accessible year round ballet classes and performance opportunities for dancers of all experience levels, ages 4-adult in both Estes Park, Colorado, and in Detroit, Michigan.

Goals & Outcomes: 

How Ballet Renaissance helps:

  • Classes increase confidence, focus, discipline, fitness and coordination of participants
  • Performances inspire & uplift community & celebrate achievements of students

How you can help:

  • Get involved
    • Attend a performance
    • Take a class
    • Spread the word
    • Volunteer
  • A gift of Ballet Lessons:
    • $100 sponsors one month of ballet classes twice a week for a child
    • $1000 sponsors a year of ballet classes twice a week for a child
    • $150 sponsors one month of ballet classes twice a week for a teen
    • $1500 sponsors a year of ballet classes twice a week for a teen
  • A gift to support necessary items for ballet studies for a child or teen:
    • $15-$25 sponsors ballet slippers for a child or teen
    • $50 sponsors dance practice attire for a child or teen
    • $80-100 sponsors a pair of pointe shoes (+ necessary pointe shoe accessories: ribbons, elastics, etc.) for a teen
    • $100 costumes a child or teen for one year of annual performances
  • Purchase and donate one or more tickets to a professional ballet performance in the northern Colorado or in the Detroit, Michigan area (consider giving a gift which will broaden a child's vision, by giving him/her the opportunity to become exposed to the educational and uplifting experience of attending a professional dance performance)

"There is always that one teacher you will always remember who helped to change your life. Brianna Furnish and Ballet Renaissance is that for me. When I was a teenager and all I wanted to do was dance my heart out, she provided me a means of expression and a platform to do so through classical ballet. Ms. Brianna (affectionately known by her students) helped to foster my creativity through strong support, mentorship and friendship. Had she and Ballet Renaissance not been in my life, I don't think I would have reached the successes I have today."

—Ms. Naima Mora, America's Next Top Model 2005, Ballet Renaissance Alumna

"We have enjoyed performances by Ballet Renaissance for the past nine years... Ballet Renaissance provides a wonderful opportunity for students of all ages to gain affordable, professional ballet training and performance opportunities... The whole process, we are pleased to note, is characterized by love, support, safety and appreciation of all who participate. We are enthusiastic supporters of this fine arts organization."

—Dr. and Mrs. Philip Clampitt, Ballet Renaissance Supporters

"Three years ago Ballet Renaissance came to Northern Colorado and changed my family's life. At first, only my daughter took lessons. She enjoyed the camaraderie and the structure of the classes greatly, and she soon blossomed under the tutelage of Ballet Renaissance. Their kind and disciplined classical teaching technique both inspired my daughter to a greater love for the art of ballet and moved her to higher levels of proficiency. Not long after, my sons became interested in dance and joined a boys' class. They were followed by my husband, who had no previous dance experience. In addition to the excellent training the dancers receive, a wonderful sense of community and support flourishes within Ballet Renaissance. I have loved watching my family perform together and have witnessed their joy and satisfaction with each successful recital."

—Ms.Kim Fitzpatrick, Ballet Renaissance Parent

"We are blessed to have the talent and character of Ballet Renaissance in Estes Park. Their extraordinary commitment and passion inspire creativity, discipline, and delight in dance."

—Ms. Heather McCreery, Ballet Renaissance Parent